Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st November 2021
Blue Mountains, NSW

Don’t Miss Out

4th November 2019

Did you know entries are open for the Maximum Adventure Race at Lake Macquarie, NSW sponsored by Lake Macquarie City Council, on Saturday 15th February, 2020.

Short, fast, fun and suitable for anyone with a sense of adventure, the Maximum Adventure Races are designed to offer the perfect introduction to the exhilarating sport of adventure racing.

After exploring the area south of Cams Wharf in 2019, the 2020 version of the event promises a very different experience, focusing the action towards the mighty Pacific Ocean. This means teams will get to experience one of the ‘fan favourite’ sections of the area; the coasteering section. Coasteering is travelling along (and sometimes through) the rock platforms, inlets and tidal pools right next to the crashing waves. This section will really add to the excitement level for all teams and see them asking themselves…’Am I brave enough to take on Shark Hole?’

In addition to the coasteering section, teams will have a number of mountain biking and trail running legs to complete with a scattering of ‘bonus’ checkpoints on offer for those faster teams. Don’t worry if you have limited experience kayaking, as this will take place on Lake Macquarie whose calm waters makes it perfect for all skill levels. Speaking of skill levels, if you’re unsure if you’re up to the full ‘Classic’ course, a ‘Novice’ course is offered as well with less distance to travel and less tricky navigation.

The event is perfect for anyone looking for a new and exciting challenge to start 2020.

So grab a team mate, enter via the link below and get ready for an unreal weekend adventure!