Kathmandu Adventure Series - Lower Blue Mountains

16th June 2014  

How adventurous are you?

Now that you’ve recovered from the most popular race in the Kathmandu Adventure Series it’s time to take on the most adventurous course in the Blue Mountains. Entries are open for the Lower Blue Mountains event to be held on the 2nd & 3rd August near Glenbrook. The Lower Blue Mountains event is the perfect setting to spend a couple hours with your mates.

Register today and avoid the price rise on the 2nd July.



Saturday 4th June 2022
Max Adventure Race Series
Audley, Royal National Park, NSW

Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th July 2022
Max Adventure Race Series
Wild Horse Mountain, Sunshine Coast, QLD

Saturday 17th September 2022
Max Adventure Race Series
Glenbrook, Blue Mountains, NSW



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