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We miss you!

17th September 2014  

We Miss You!

We haven’t seen you at a Max Adventure event recently and frankly, we miss you! For the month of September we are offering you a $30 team discount on one of our most popular Victorian events – call it a welcome back present:

Lysterfield Lake
Saturday 8th November 2014

Scenic, exciting and suitable for anyone and everyone with a real sense of adventure, the Kathmandu Adventure Series is designed to offer the perfect introduction to the exhilarating sport of adventure racing.

Designed for teams of two, the races are fun, fast and furious with teams having to change between three core disciplines several times during the event… Mountain biking, running / trekking, and kayaking. These non-stop events will take between two to six hours to complete so there is never any time to get bored or tired – you will constantly be challenged throughout the race, physically and mentally!

Sign up, come along and enjoy the beautiful scenery, purpose built Mountain Bike trails, a stunning lake and great running trails that Lysterfield Lake provides!

To claim your discount, use the following promo code when entering online. Be quick though, this is a September special only and will expire in two weeks.

Promo Code “WMY14”



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