If you are looking for an exciting challenge that combines a love for the outdoors with action-packed adventure, then the Max Adventure Race Series is for you!

Designed for teams of two, Max Adventure Race Series events are the perfect introduction to the sport of Adventure Racing. You’ll face a mix of trail running, mountain biking and kayaking – all while navigating around the course to find the checkpoints in the fastest time possible. Kayaks are provided and hire bikes are available – all you need is a sense of adventure!

The Max Adventure Race Series comprises five events in total with three in NSW (Lake Macquarie, Sydney and Blue Mountains) and two in QLD (Brisbane and Sunshine Coast) each year. You can enter just one event, or if you are really keen you can enter all five! Each location is unique and offers a different experience and challenge plus the courses are varied each year so there’s nothing to lose by making these events a regular activity on your training calendar.


Adventure racing is a team sport (usually teams of 2-4) where participants must navigate around an unmarked course collecting checkpoints in the minimum time possible. Disciplines typically include trail running/hiking, mountain biking and kayaking, but you never know what sort of extra challenges might be thrown in to test you.

The course itself is kept secret until the day of the race, only to be revealed at registration, when you will be issued with maps and course description instructions. Getting around the course and finding the checkpoints will require some basic navigation skills and you the ability to read a topographic map. Tip: It’s worth turning up to the race early to give your team plenty of time to plan your route of choice.

Max Adventure Race Series events are known as Sprint distance events, taking most teams 2-6 hours to complete. If you finish a few Max Adventure Races and are looking for more action you’ll find plenty of opportunities around Australia (and the world) with events lasting from 6hrs to 6 days!

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At each Max Adventure Race event, there is a Classic Course and a Novice Course on offer. These non-stop events will take between two to six hours to complete so there is never any time to get bored or tired as you will be constantly challenged throughout the race; physically and mentally.

The Classic Course is suitable for teams with some navigation experience (or those keen for a real adventure!).  The Classic Course includes approximately 15-25km of mountain biking, 5-10km of trail running and 2-4km of kayaking and will take most teams 3-6 hours to complete.

The Novice Course is designed for beginners and those new to the sport. There is a full novice course briefing before the start where the race director will provide all the tips, tricks and hints you need to ensure you have a fun day out and don’t get lost!  The Novice Course consists of approximately 5-15km of mountain biking, 3-5km of trail running and 1-2km of kayaking. Novice teams generally finish in 2-4 hours.

It’s important to note that there may be multiple legs of each discipline which combine to give the total distances. You may be doing more than one bike, run and kayak leg depending on the course. Just to keep you on your toes, a natural obstacle or two (e.g. mystery discipline, creek crossing, etc.) may be thrown into the mix to add an extra challenge, so be prepared for the unexpected!


At our Lake Macquarie and Sunshine Coast events we even have a special Kids Course option. The Kids Course has been created for young adventures between 5-12 years of age and will be marked with arrows to help guide our young adventurers to the checkpoints. However keeping in the spirit of Adventure Racing some map reading is required – Parent/Guardians are encouraged to join their kids on the course to help with this.

The Kids Course will involve trail running, mountain biking and kayaking legs (please note: there is no kayaking leg for the Sunshine Coast event) with simple navigation. There will be approximately 1-2km of running and 2-4km of biking and 500m of kayaking. The course will take 45-90 minutes for most teams.

If you think your child would enjoy a longer event, adventurous kids (8yrs +) regularly team up with a parent for the Novice Course.


Adventure racing is officially on the top of my ‘fun list’. It aligns with everything I love: being active, team work, the outdoors and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.