Next Event: Saturday 20th March 2021
Enoggera, QLD

Rules & Equipment

Note: Each entry is as part of a team of two. No single team entries are available.

Entry Requirements

To participate in the Maximum Adventure Race Series, all participants must:

  • Be able to swim 100m
  • Be able to read a street directory
  • Have a basic level of fitness and able to cope with the demands of the event
  • Minimise their impact on the environment during the event and respect other users of the land
  • Accept responsibility for themselves and their belongings
  • Be prepared to follow the rules and conditions included in the final instructions


For reasons of fairness, safety and responsibility you are expected to abide by the following rules. Remember, ignorance is no excuse and failure to comply may lead to penalties or disqualification.

Personal Safety

You are expected to look after yourself and your team mate. Use your whistle to attract attention only in an emergency. There will be several first aiders in attendance throughout the event, overseen by an overall appointed medic. There will be marshals out on the course with radios/phones.

Road Safety

Please note you will be riding on public roads open to other traffic. There will be no road closures for the events, so please ensure you obey all road rules.

Overall Rules & Kit List – Common to all legs

Rules & Conditions

Personal Kit (to be worn or carried at all times)

  • Show respect for the environment, landowners, local communities and other recreational users
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you are wearing or carrying the appropriate kit for each stage
  • Always take your litter with you
  • Stick to the tracks, cross country travel is not allowed in the National Park
  • Notify the Event Medic of any significant medical history (e.g. asthma, diabetes…)
  • Hand in your timing stick at the end of the race, or if not continuing
  • Controls must be collected in order, missed controls will lead to time penalties.
  • Teams members must stay within 100m of each other at all times
  • No outside assistance is allowed during the event
  • GPS’s are prohibited
  • Cooperate with event officials – kit may be checked at any time
  • Weather conditions may affect some stages
  • Winners will be determined by the fastest time, plus any penalties
  • The Event Director’s decision is final
  • Pea-less whistle per person

Team Kit (to be carried at all times)

  • Compass
  • Means of carrying water (min 2 litres)
  • Food
  • First aid kit (minimum: 1 crepe bandage, 2 safety pins, wound dressing & 6 adhesive dressings as a minimum)
  • Survival bag or foil blanket
  • Pencil/waterproof pen (for marking maps)
  • Mobile phone in waterproof bag (for emergency use only) (Telstra GSM or Next G recommended)

Specific Discipline Rules & Kit List

Kayak Rules

Kayak Kit (per person unless otherwise stated)

  • Competitors must wear their life jacket when on or near the water
  • Life jacket (provided by the organisers)
  • Paddle (provided by the organisers)
  • Toyboy II sit-on-top kayak (per team)
  • Enclosed shoes

Mountain Bike Rules

Mountain Bike Kit (per person unless otherwise stated)

  • Only ride on designated mountain bike fire trails and roads
  • Mountain bike
  • Cycle helmet
  • Bike tools (at least sufficient to repair puncture)

This rules and equipment list, as well as the event location directions will all be available in the Event Program emailed to all participants 1-2 weeks before the race as well as being published as a Latest News article on our website here.

Mountain Bike Hire (NSW events only)

Need to hire a mountain bike for one of our events? Send an Email to Mick from or contact him on 0408 690 584 with details of the event you are attending.

Mountain Bike Hire (Sunshine Coast, QLD event only)

Need to hire a mountain bike for our Sunshine Coast Event? Check out the Have Fun Mountain Bike Tours website and contact via phone 0419 795 586 or email here with details of the event you are attending.

Mountain Bike Hire (Enoggera, Brisbane, QLD event only)

Need to hire a mountain bike for our Brisbane Event? Check out the Walkabout Creek Adventures website or contact them via phone

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