Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st November 2021
Blue Mountains, NSW

Lake Macquarie Last Minute Race Information

13th February 2020

The first event in the 2020 Maximum Adventure Race Series is nearly here! The course is now set and waiting for you. Despite the recent wild weather, the course is in good condition (with a few puddles to splash through to add to the fun). The forecast for Saturday looks promising for a dry event! A few spots of rain never stopped adventure racers anyway!

The Event Program is available on the link below with information on both the Classic and Novice course.

This important document has all the information you need about the race including the event schedule, location, parking, registration rules plus food availability on the day.

Pay particular attention to the Event Schedule as timings for both courses have changed.

If you have any questions, chances are it is covered in the Event Program. Make sure you have a good read of the entire event program well before race day.

Remember – Teams are required to carry their mandatory gear with them at all times. Gear checks will be conducted randomly during the race. Check the list in the Event Program for what’s required.