Next Event: Saturday 12th February 2022
Cams Wharf, Lake Macquarie, NSW

News – October 2014

Lysterfield Lake Event Program - Now Available

The event program for the final Kathmandu Adventure Race for the year is now available! Download it HERE

This important document has all the information you need about the event including the event schedule and driving instructions. Read More

Less than 2 weeks to go!

Forget the horse race, the real excitement in Melbourne next week is to be had running, mountain biking and kayaking around the beautiful surrounds of Lysterfield Lake, located right near the heart of Melbourne. This isn’t an event of big hats, sharp suits and horse flesh, this is bike helmets, running shoes and human endeavour. Read More

Beat the price rise, claim you prize

Kathmandu Adventure Race Series
Lysterfield Lake, Victoria
Saturday 8th November, 2014
Here at Maximum Adventure we have noticed the Victorians have been copping the rough end of the pineapple recently.

While Melbourne and wider Victoria are heading off to work under heavy skies not only is it over 30 degrees in Sydney and warmer further north they also have a long weekend this week! And let's not even get started on another long two months of politicians and election advertisements everywhere you look!

Not only that, while the Kathmandu Adventure Race Series is finally coming to Victoria in November after the northern states have been enjoying the series all year the price is set to go up on the 8th of October!

Where's the silver lining I hear you ask? Well here at Maximum Adventure we figure Victorians need something to look forward too. Read More