Saturday 4th June 2022
Audley, Royal National Park, NSW

Max Adventure Race – Royal National Park

11th April 2022

Saturday 4th June 2022
Royal National Park Sydney, NSW

Keen to try an adventure race this year?

Here’s the perfect opportunity to test the waters, kayaking, trail running and mountain biking in a team of two, at the next event in the 2022 Max Adventure Race Series.

The race is a real adventure as you navigate your way through the Royal National Park’s rich bushland and kayak the winding Hacking River. Whether you’re new to the sport of adventure racing and try the novice course or an experienced racer and take on the classic course, you are guaranteed to have a fun-filled day.

The course is a top favourite of the Max Adventure Race Series. The teams set off from Reids Flat into the National Park running past ancient eucalypts and lush forest, paddling down the Hacking River, and mountain biking through speedy single tracks that loop and bend and are great fun to ride. Competitors navigate (not necessarily in the above-mentioned order) to the finish line back at Reids Flat. Phew! What good fun!

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