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Nutrition Before Your Next Adventure Race

25th May 2021

By Accredited Sports Dietitian Nicole Walker at Ascent Sports Nutrition

Pre-event nutrition is like topping up the fuel tank before you head away on a long drive. You are maximising your muscle glycogen fuel stores for the adventure ahead.

For the Pre-Race dinner it is important to think about Hydration, Carbohydrates and some other “normal dinner foods”. Yes, you should eat well, but not stuff yourself with pasta until you cannot move either!

Pre-Race Breakfasts are the last chance to top up Muscle Glycogen – our body’s fuel for the event. Choose mostly carbohydrate foods that are Easily digested, Add some protein for satiety and Time your breakfast 2-4 hrs prior to the event.

Read the full article here for all the tips and tricks plus practical examples!

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